Review of I Will Breathe by Regina Puckett

i will breatheLiberty has spent many years alone, flying around in her airship. The world has become a disaster zone, the result of war and the lack of love remaining among mankind.

When I picked this up, I was expecting a steampunk adventure. Well, adventure is what I normally get when I read steampunk, but I quickly figured out that this story was very different. It’s a character driven novel with a moderate amount of action, but it draws an emotional response that I wasn’t prepared for.

I never expected to tear up and worry over a robot, but Ms. Puckett managed to stab me in the heart with the endearing little character Boy. Normally, I’d find a robotic child extremely creepy and run screaming from the room. But Boy is so innocent and loveable that I couldn’t help loving him as much as Liberty comes to.

Liberty begins as independent and rough around the edges. Well, she stays that way, but she begins to learn how wonderful it is to have companions, in a world where people spend their lives all alone. Love has all but disappeared, and as a result, humans are on their way to extinction. Liberty was content to journey alone, finding whatever treasures were left after the Great War. As it turns out, she will find even greater treasures in companionship. Now Liberty is able to share those treasures with those she has come to love. Her outlook changes dramatically and for the better. She is a wonderful character, staying true to herself while still managing to evolve. That’s good writing.

I must also mention that I loved the way apples and honey were presented as something so precious and beautiful. It reminded me of how much we take for granted. It was easy to put myself in Liberty’s position, experiencing a bleak future in a dying world.





4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Steampunk

Ages: 15+ (strong language)

Available on Amazon


  1. A robotic child? That sounds creepy but cute too.

  2. When I read your review on Amazon it almost made me cry. It is such a thoughtful and lovely review.

    I jumped into writing steampunk as I do everything else – with both feet and no clue if I was doing it the right way or not. Not long into this adventure, I fell in love with my characters. The moment I did that, I let the writing take care of itself. I’m glad I dared to try my hand at a new genre, because of all the books I’ve written, ‘I Will Breathe’ is my favorite book. It has given me enough new characters and adventures to keep me writing for the rest of my life.

    Thank you for leaving a review for my book. I know writing one takes time but they always mean so much to the author.

    Regina Puckett

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