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unbroken light

Unbroken Light

The Star Hunters Book 2

K. N. Salustro

Genre: Sci-fi



The attack at Ametria and the resurfacing of a Neo-Andromedan threat has shaken the Star Federation. The galactic military must now outmaneuver the Seventh Sun, a dangerous enemy that came blazing forth from the unknown. Betrayals from within have left the Star Federation vulnerable, and Captains Jason Stone and Erica Anderson fight to keep the galaxy safe from the biggest threat since the days of the Andromedan War. But Jason knows that there is far more to this new enemy than meets the eye, and he struggles to keep the Star Federation from making a fatal mistake.

With Jason’s help, Lance Ashburn flees from the Star Federation and sets out to track down Lissa after her capture by the Seventh Sun. Deserting his rank and smearing his name, Lance has thrown all his faith into finding the Neo-Andromedan bounty hunter. He believes that she has the knowledge and the ability to help him destroy the Seventh Sun, but with Star Federation soldiers in pursuit, his freedom will not last.

Ensnared by the Seventh Sun, Lissa faces her worst fear at their hands. As the Seventh Sun tries to Awaken her, she fights for her life, and for her very self. To survive, she must embrace the part of herself that she has fled from for so long, but in so doing, risks losing everything else. If she is not careful, she could drown in the Light, but that is a chance she must take. The only alternative is death.


This is book 2 of the Star Hunters series. Click here for my review of book 1.

Lissa has been taken prisoner by the Seventh Sun and subjected to wild experimentation. Lance is on his way to the rescue.

It doesn’t really seem possible, but Lissa proves herself even more awesome than in book one. She is resistant to the mind control they are trying to inflict on her, and she survives a procedure that no one thought possible. More and more this character manages to surprise me. She has grown and is even more fierce than before. I can’t imagine how she’ll end up when this series is concluded.

This installment gave more specifics on the Awakening process. It’s an intriguing scifi/mad scientist sort of addition that really shines in this tale of intergalactic war. With vivid descriptions, I truly felt immersed in this universe. Some of the writing is downright beautiful, despite the dark times these characters are living in. There are also some very interesting looking aliens, which are always a nice touch in scifi.

I felt I got to know and like Lance more in this installment. He has more depth and is more interesting than in book 1. I also got to know Jason a little better, and I found his actions to be just as noble as our other heroes, even if he still seems to be a minor character. I also enjoyed that the author keeps the main characters on task, not allowing Lissa and Lance to fall for each other and go pawing at each other between star systems. It drives me crazy when the action is slowed for a (predictable) romantic subplot, and I’m grateful that doesn’t happen here. It just goes to prove that a man and woman can work together without it becoming a lust festival. 🙂

The Seventh Sun and Star Federation haven’t yet resolved their differences, so I’m expecting more from this series and am anxiously awaiting the outcome. Oh, and I love those arkins. 🙂

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.







4 out of 5 stars

Ages 16+ (strong language)

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Smashwords

kn salustroAbout the Author:

K. N. Salustro does not have a fancy author bio for you. She does not have a particularly interesting backstory. She does not have an impressive list of awards or accolades. But she does have a wild imagination and a passion for storytelling. She has a love for science fiction and fantasy, and for dreaming up adventures. And she has a burning desire to write all of them down. She hopes you enjoy them, and thanks you for reading!


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  1. Unbroken Light sounds like an interesting book. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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