Review of The Fateful Flame by Rob May

the fateful flame

The Fateful Flame

Empire of Dragons Prelude

Rob May

Genre: Fantasy

Published: March 2016


When his peaceful life is shattered by a seemingly unprovoked attack, woodcutter Deros Brown must summon courage and luck to survive in a world where legends are made real and prophecies are being fulfilled before his very eyes. His own life hangs in the balance, but he would risk even that to save the woman he loves, Kal Moonheart …

The Fateful Flame is a prelude to the epic fantasy series Empire of Dragons. It also serves as a postscript to the Dragon Killer Trilogy, and can also be read as a standalone short story that opens a new window into Rob May’s fantasy works.



This story is told through the point of view of Deros, Kal’s lover, not Kal herself as in the Dragon Killer trilogy. Still, I’m a fan of the author and of Kal Moonheart, so I was glad for another glimpse at the character. I would have loved to see what Kal was thinking throughout this short adventure. She is certainly quite active, though the reader only glimpses her actions as Deros sees them.

****SPOILER ALERT**** I’m not a fan of stories where dragons are killed. I usually sympathize with the dragon. It’s always hard for me to read scenes about the death of a dragon, and we do see that here. Though it’s acceptable, since in this story dragons are truly evil and plotting to take over the world. In that case, I can look the other way. This isn’t one of those “kill the dragon” quests. It’s something that happens out of necessity. ****END SPOILER****

The writing is well done with vivid descriptions of Deros’s physical pain and mental torment. He truly loves Kal and will stop at nothing to get to her, even if it means nearly falling to his death or walking straight into a dragon’s nest. I loved the evil guy, the Emperor of Dragons. Though his part is short (and this is a short story), I got a good feel for his evil plans and have a feeling that there are several dark plots in the works. Its a great prelude to what is sure to be a fantastic series.


5 out of 5 stars

About the Author:

Rob May studied English at Lancaster University and is the author of Dragon Killer, Roll the Bones and Sirensbane, a trilogy of fantasy thrillers featuring Kal Moonheart – adventurer, gambler and thief.

Rob’s other works include the Alien Disaster Trilogy – a science fiction adventure, and Girl Under the Gun – an episodic modern thriller. He is currently writing an epic fantasy series, Empire of Dragons. Rob lives in Warwickshire, England.



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