Review of Brinsop’s Brood by Kristian Alva

brinsop's broodBrinsop’s Brood

Dragon Stone Adventures

Kristian Alva

Genre: Fantasy

Published: May 2016


The dragons of Durn, once on the verge of extinction, are now recovering with a new generation of hatchlings. The leader of the dragon riders, Sela Matu, waits anxiously for word from her dragon, Brinsop, who has retreated into the Death Sands to nest.

Weeks pass, and Sela waits anxiously for word. Then one day, she hears the distant voice of her dear friend at last, delivering the happy news; the dragon hatchlings have arrived. Overjoyed, Sela ventures deep into the desert to reunite with Brinsop and meet her new brood of hatchlings.

But a trap has been set. Lurking among the desert tribes is a mysterious stranger whose intentions are uncertain. Sela must hurry to Brinsop’s side, or else the hatchlings may be lost forever. Can Sela stop this shadowy outsider before it’s too late?



For the first time in many years, a dragon has given birth. Driven to near extinction, the arrival of hatchlings is a momentous occasion, drawing the attention of both friend and foe.

The synopsis gave me the idea that this would be an action-packed story about dragon riders. It isn’t. At the very least, I’d hoped to get some perspective inside the dragon’s mind and watch her raise her brood. That’s not what this is about either.

Basically the story revolves around Sela, a former dragon rider who might have done great things in the past. It’s hinted at, and she’s responsible for giving the dragons protected status, so at least I know she did something. Other than that, she is a rather boring character. She doesn’t carry herself like a noble, nor does she speak like one. She also doesn’t act like a warrior, nor does she seem to have much fight in her. She could have been anyone, and she did not stand out or appeal to me as a lead character. Most of her scenes involve lengthy, boring conversations. Even when she meets up with Feanor, whom she hates, she doesn’t have much venom in her words. The only actual fighting is one small scene and only between the dragons, making the riders entirely unnecessary. It’s a puzzling world where dragon riders don’t actually do any fighting. What is the point? “She knew she was powerless to stop him” pretty much sums it up. Can’t win, don’t try. Not a drop of fight left in this woman who at some point was a great warrior. I didn’t get a feel for her grand history in this story.

The theft of the hatchlings was a good plot point and could have led to a grand adventure. I think it was too rushed in this novella and would have been far better fledged out into a novel. I would love to journey along with Brinsop as she hunts for her brood and gets her revenge. But all of the other characters could be left out, except for Abayomi, who I found fascinating.

There was also a lot of lead up to getting a falcon. His name is Raider, and I’d hoped he would do something interesting, but alas, he does not. I wanted him to scratch some eyes out when his mistress was kidnapped, but he did nothing. I don’t think he was even around for it. Unfortunately that makes the bird another extraneous character. I wanted to love this story. I truly did. It certainly has a lot of potential, but it doesn’t deliver.

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.








2 out of 5 stars

kristian alvaAbout the Author:

Kristian Alva is a bestselling fantasy author. In addition to being named a Kindle Unlimited All Star, her books have reached #1 in Juvenile Fantasy on Amazon UK and Amazon Australia. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading all genres, especially epic fantasy. She lives in California with her family, two cats, and a fish named Bill.





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