Review Policy

***Submissions are currently closed.*** If I’ve reviewed your work before, you can still email me directly.

Please read through this! You are asking me to read your entire book, so do me a favor and read this one page.

My favorite genre is fantasy. Any age range is fine with me. I will occasionally read books from other genres as well, particularly paranormal and sci-fi. I do not read non-fiction. Absolutely no Twilight style vampires. If you have vampires in your book, they must not be sparkly and sweet. Only Dracula type vampires may enter here. I do not read traditional romance. The book may contain some romance, but it must not be the primary focus of the book. Sci-fi should be the spaceships and aliens type, not government conspiracies. If your main character falls in love with her captor, do not submit it. If it is written in present tense, I don’t want to read it.

In addition to fantasy, I am also open to some historical fiction that includes action/adventure (one example is Robin Hood) or contains mythology or supernatural elements. If you are not sure, submit your summary, and I will let you know.

I do not post reviews that insult the author, but I do post my honest opinion. Please realize that a negative review can turn into a positive. What I dislike, someone else may enjoy. Therefore, if they read my review (because some people will just look at the negative) they may find that it is indeed something they would like. I do not take reviews lightly, and I will not give you a negative without justification. Anything three stars and above is a good review. I may or may not point out things I did not like when leaving positive reviews. I will always leave some positive points about your book.

I read fast, but I do not always have time to read. Please be patient with me. If I have agreed to review your book, I will review it as soon as I can. I am willing to post reviews to my blog,, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. I will leave to Smashwords as well if you provide a coupon.

Please only submit finished material that has been edited and proofread. If the book contains an abundance of errors, I may not be able to finish reading your book. I will review ARCs. Please make sure to let me know it is an ARC, so I will know the book may contain errors. I will not proofread or edit your book for you. I will read it and give my honest opinion. I do not accept any type of payment for my reviews.

I accept epub (preferred) as well as mobi and pdf. I will also accept a Smashwords coupon. I cannot accept Kindle gifts, and they do not show up as verified reviews anyway. Please submit only one book at a time. If you are submitting a book that is part of a series, please submit the first book of the series.

If the form is not completed in its entirety, your request will be ignored. I will not go hunting for an excerpt of your book. Do NOT send me what other reviewers have said. Do NOT send me your bio/life story. I want to know only about the book you are submitting. Thank you.


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